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Dear Mixed Girl letters were created by Dr. KayLa N. Allen in 2019. These letters are unique, original, and quite special because they are crafted with children, teens, women and countless experiences in mind. While each letter may have one topic or title, there are filled with lessons, experiences, nuggets of wisdom, love, and ways to inspire mixed girls of every multicultural background.

Dr. KayLa N. Allen Writing Dear Mixed Girl Letters

A Few Dear Mixed Girl Letter Topics:


Love & Relationships





Outside Judgment

Recent Dear Mixed Girl Letters

  • December 2022 – “Dear Mixed Girl, Do you understand the value and powerful potential that comes from learning and sharing your wisdom gained from overcoming challenges in your “mixed” journey? With every turn in the road and place where you find yourself growing and developing, you must learn something…” Read the full letter entitled, “Sharing to Educate Others” here.
  • November 2022 – “Dear Mixed Girl, What does it mean for you to take claim of the life that you lead without clinging on to what tried to hold you back? Surviving the challenges of being a mixed girl is nothing that should be ignored or erased, but there is a meaning behind that…” Read the full letter entitled, “Surviving the Survivory of Your Mixed Life” here.
  • August 2022 – “Dear Mixed Girl, Do you know how much the world changes when parents understand their mixed child from the inside out at all phases of life? Many things will be faced as mixed people starting even before birth, and being prepared, educated, and aware can mean the difference between support being present and pain walking freely in…” Read the full letter entitled, “Parents Who Understand” here.

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